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AFTER 24 wks of DERMAGEN!  
Displayed here is an extreme challenge for any anti-aging skincare product and requires a degree of improvement for her appearance that is not readily found in the marketplace today...


Throat Area Tissue Texture

Appearance Before Dermagen

   Appearance After 24 weeks using

Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation!

 A Working Cosmeceutical Product for the 21st Century!

Before Usage...

The subject presented here exhibits some of the most common complexion problems that are associated with the aging process and is an extremely demanding case for a topical product to improve the appearance. 

Note: the generally deteriorated condition of the throat area, including the sagging skin and tissue structure breakdown of a 'turkey neck' type condition, extensive evolvement of "crows feet" around the eyes, the severely compromised darkened under-eye area, and the widespread pigmentation problem for this troubled complexion. Dry skin has been a continuous problem for the subject with no relief in sight after trying out and using many of the skincare products on the market, including some of the most expensive brands.

What can we do for your complexion concerns?

After Using Dermagen...

Shown above is an example of the potent power our product has to offer the consumer who desires a truly effective anti-aging skincare therapy for achieving and maintaining your most youthful look.

Naturally, this subject named Kathy is absolutely delighted with these results and has now become a dedicated repeat user of Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation.

Note: The appearance of the neck area is revitalized, facial skin pigmentation is now an even-colored youthful flesh tone and the renewed under-eye area looks markedly rejuvenated. Notice that a more youthful overall look has evolved from the impressive firming action and there is a much smoother overall look to the skin. With this continued usage, the 'Crows Feet' lining around the eye and brow lines in the forehead area all appear dynamically rejuvenated. The view shows a widespread visual restoration of the facial complexion. This includes the throat area deterioration which until now has always been beyond cosmetic benefit. Her moisture now looks abundant and the skin texture appears lively giving her a more youthful look. Our Exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process is your best friend for helping to find beauty in your skincare regime.


Example: Vital Cell Induction Healing Dynamic For Skin Abrasion

Appearance progress for male subject leg injury by a simple 2x daily application of Dermagen


        Start 7-11                                                                 Status 7-16             


Status 7-22                                                               Status 7-30


Example: Vital Cell Induction Healing Dynamic For Skin Burns


 This non-chemical innovation working with a natural based skincare formula containing NO chemical anesthetics. 

Dermagen AfterCare is a new post exposure natural based skincare that provides:

  • Breakthrough powerful and rapid pushback against skin cell inflammation

  • Stops pain from solar overexposure within 10 minutes with no chemical anesthetic!

  • Fast and soothing skin cell healing and rejuvenation quickly calms the redness

  • Minimize frequency and severity of rosacea episodes, eliminates resulting damage

  • Enjoy your evening and then sleep comfortably when the day is over

  • As a bonus all dry patchy areas will become fully hydrated for your best look


Example: Vital Cell Induction Healing Dynamic For Skin Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis from Oak Foliage -  Before Treatment


Dermagen application 2x @ 24 hours

Dermagen application 2x @ 48 hours

Dermagen application 2x @ 96 hours


There are some product performance benefits seen with Vital Cell Induction that show up fairly quickly and definitively that will be useful for the consumer to personally verify that positive cosmetic benefits are indeed taking place.


Ø  The innovation immediately ends the problem of all dry skin areas including even those that have been stubborn and chronic for several years. Instead across the entire complexion it provides the homogenous look of a very full and well moisturized skin that appears to be naturally moisturized from below, thereby immediately installing a more youthful impression overall.

  • Many consumers are promised in industry advertisements that skincare products are going to supply moisture into their skin. However, this is not the case. This is in fact discussed on the website of the American Academy of Dermatology on their page entitled “Dermatologists top tips for relieving dry skin”. Instead, skincare emulsions now in the marketplace serve as a barrier that helps to trap latent moisture in the skin holding it longer from surface evaporation. However, those topical applications do not modify the retained level of intracellular fluid (intrinsic moisture) that the skin itself exhibits at the surface.

  • One of the quickest and most readily evident benefits from Vital Cell Induction is also perhaps the most important for attracting and holding both younger and more mature customers is that of the immediate and then sustained repair of dry skin patches. This particular departure from a perfect complexion is perhaps the most commonplace of all and represents a fundamental motivation for skincare purchases.

  • While there are some skincare ingredients in recent years that have been shown to influence the amount of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) the degree of impact is transitory and modest, this not being sufficient enough to remedy the industry-wide problem of controlling (much less healing) their dry patchy areas. This leaves the consumer looking for a more effective product for helping with this important skincare issue.

  • The actual elimination (as a continuous control) of dry patchy skin areas on the complexion is but a minimum feature needed to please the consumer. The capability for skincare to remarkably elevate the endogenous moisture across the entire area of the complexion to a degree that it is easily apparent has always been the promise land aspiration for skin beauty products since the industry began ages ago.

  • The biophysical innovation presented here immediately ends the problem of all dry skin areas, including even those that have been stubborn and chronic for several years. Instead, across the entire complexion it provides the homogenous look of a very full and well moisturized skin that appears to be naturally moisturized from below, thereby immediately installing a more youthful impression overall.

  • It is not known whether the installed biofield when applied topically then pulls residing moisture up to the very surface of the complexion from the dermis cells further below by a coalescence activity, or if alternatively it is doing this by modifying the osmotic pressure gradients in the millions of skin cells in the dry patch area. There may also be another unknown mechanism that is taking place to accomplish the enhanced prevalence of moisture. Nonetheless, this beneficial effect soon displays and is a reliable feature of the innovation.

  • This improvement on the state of the art is highly significant in that the consumer goal of maintaining good levels of moisture so as to avoid the appearance of dry areas on the complexion is a primary motivation for making the skincare purchase. While the desire to also achieve additional anti-aging attributes are now important aspirations for the consumer, the product must meet the primary goal of controlling any existing problematic dry skin areas.

  • Currently, the consumer finds that upon rinsing her face in the morning to wash off her overnight skincare maintenance application (even with those products specifically promoted as moisture intensive), she then finds she is still left with the dry skin patches she has been dealing with.  This is a fact of life faced by millions of consumers across age groups including younger consumers in their 30’s and 40’s and is a strong driver for trying out various skincare brands. This marketplace inability has been a longstanding industry failure for skincare, and as such provides an enormous economic opportunity for the innovation when it finds its way into the marketplace. When the consumer does come to experience the readily apparent positive difference that can now be provided, there will be no turning back for her.

  • The conversion of the improved appearance occurs after the first application or certainly within the first few days. It should be understood this is not the transitory superficial improvement for moisture often seen just after applying the product. In this case, the biophysical field imparts the moist looking benefit deeper into the tissue and it will still be there 12 and 18 hours later with an overall even look so that mature ladies can also dispense with the thought of afternoon touchups.

  • The newfound triumph over dry skin seen from our innovation is easily and quickly observed by the consumer and will lock in repeat usage in order to maintain the achievement of that fundamental skincare goal. Now after rinsing off in the morning and inspecting the actual current state of her complexion she sees a fully contiguous abundance of apparent moisture across the entire area of her complexion. If she discontinues usage of skincare with our innovation, those problematic dry areas will eventually return.

Ø  Within a few weeks the overall early impression to the new consumer of a general improvement across the entire complexion is readily self-perceived and is validated and reinforced by others around them. This performance factor is distinguishable from other skincare products and is highly important in that when implemented on a larger scale in the marketplace it will serve as an early core driver to repeat purchase activity as they seek to maintain the general improvement. With continued usage further significant anti-aging benefits then manifest as described below.

Ø  The biophysical input provides for a new and superior method of removing Sun damaged skin from the complexion of those that have had long term and even very long term excess solar exposure resulting in that “baked-in look”. Within days what had been typically considered a “permanently Sun damaged complexion” can begin shedding without any pain whatsoever. The energy dynamic somehow prompts a subsequent pervasive and complete cleavage of many little balls of old dead tissue that fall or rub off. No special chemical is needed to get the result. With absolutely no residual irritation whatsoever, what then eventually remains at the surface is new looking tissue with homogeneous color and giving an overall more youthful appearance to the complexion. 

Ø  It should of course be pointed out that with more time and continued usage the additional key attributes of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging appear to manifest as reduced lining and skin firming. Improvement on the appearance of a reduced lining begins to become evident within a week or two. Overall the skin tissue appears to become thicker, perceivably a more spongy feel to the touch, less transparency of underlying blood vessels and with continued application, exhibiting less lining and almost no wrinkles to be seen making this an outstanding anti-aging protocol.

Ø  The remarkable softness and ample moisture from the combination of the inserted field echoing the active ingredients is superlative for the innovation and can be still observed by the consumer and felt to the touch to be present, even days after no longer applying the cream, making for a very impressive result.

Ø  The degree in the appearance of a skin firming is unprecedented. An expansive coordination for firmness improvement by the biophysical input appears across most all of the entire complexion and is taking place with simple long term usage. No other current skincare product is able to provide an actual appearance of a profound skin firming across a large contiguous area with enough apparent significance to reduce the look of a sagging jowl line. While firming up the look of already loose skin is highly desirable in skincare, there is an equally massive consumer demand for skincare that is able to help forestall the appearance of skin aging over the long term. When used routinely our innovation can help to provides this.

Ø  Vital Cell Induction has an unusual capability to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation resulting in a very natural looking appearance of skin lightness, rather than the bleached-out look seen from chemical skin lighteners. According to reported market analysis of skin lightening for the large and highly lucrative Asian segment, this quality is highly scrutinized by the public there and the perceived appearance of a natural skin lightness is the premium feature most desired.

Ø  Overexposure to the Sun is widely known to be detrimental on the appearance of your skin both as an immediate outcome and also from a long term cumulative damage perspective. With no real exceptions a moderation of solar exposure is always advised to best reduce extrinsic aging of the skin. It was quite surprising when we originally learned through overexposed fishermen here in Florida that had been out in the Sun all day and became beet red and in intense pain and then found a relief with our product as is mentioned in some of the testimonials. This was seen with the application of a cream with no actives and no SPF had been “charged” with Vital Cell Induction and was applied AFTER the severe Sunburn event. The pain was neutralized after about 10 minutes. The Sunburn victim was able to sleep without discomfort that night. The next day there was no subsequent peeling of the Sunburned skin in the area the cream had been applied, whereas severe skin peeling took place where it had not been applied. This capability to apparently readily buffer and restore impacts from solar skin cell damage is a major development. We are not aware of any other topical in the world today that can perform in this manner and it will be investigated further. Our products are currently not formulated as a sunblock and are not meant to be substituted for that purpose. It should be noted that as Sun exposure is considered as the primary cumulative factor in precipitating extrinsic skin aging, this extraordinary capability to repair skin cell damage from solar exposure is a highly valuable attribute as a background benefit for skincare.

Ø  Vital Cell Induction added to cosmetic liquid foundation mixtures works splendidly to both rejuvenate skin and reduce the impact from excessive solar exposure. As a formula component in foundations this will come to serve as a powerful skincare tool useful in fending off solar impacts as they occur daily. Also with the consumer using a treated foundation (with Vital Cell Induction) will find they never develop dry areas.

Ø  The innovation works to provide a powerful relief from the suffering of accidental burns. The pain is controlled within minutes and the swollen area recedes more quickly back to reach homeostasis. This makes for a superior first aid product with usefulness for skin pain and remarkably a more rapid healing. Observed when used in the case of accidental burns sustained in the kitchen there is a clear leap in treatment efficacy over current product offerings. Applied early on after the event, this could serve to help reduce the amount of area left damaged when burn patients arrive at the hospital. This superior treatment efficacy for skin burns has obvious benefits in a product designed for post laser skincare treatments, a skincare product category that will experience phenomenal growth in the coming years.

Ø  Quick resolution of pilaris keratosis or so called “chicken skin”, considered as one of the most common skin appearance maladies in the world today according to several posted sources, to that of a smooth and younger even toned look to the flesh. In the pictures with Katherine in less than 2 months it was resolved.

Ø  In addition to the more commonly sought after anti-aging attributes from skincare there is a faster healing of lacerations and the minimizing of the resulting scar. Also scar areas tend to return to flesh tone coloration. This was learned from personal experience with accidental lacerations resulting in the need for stitches as well as from a customer who reported applying the treated cream as a follow up on her foot to a minor operation. In a subsequent visitation to remove stitches this later prompted her doctor to ask her what she applied to that foot that had so accelerated the healing process.

Ø  With a continued usage Vital Cell Induction appears to protect the appearance of the complexion over the long haul via a higher rate of skin cell vitality by slowing down or forestalling the natural rate of skin tissue aging, as can be seen with the long-term use images on the website. So a reversal of skin aging is coupled with the impressive preservation effect.



Radiant Skin Sciences   Advanced Technology for Premium Skincare 


All the skincare brands in the world today...

Draw from a common pool of ingredients

( And some of those are widely advertised as breakthroughs for you ) 

The problem with that is: A test tube result does not necessarily mean you will see a meaningful benefit when that "new miracle ingredient" is applied topically in a skincare product.

So what is needed to beautify is a way to overcome these limitations.

Our Exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process opens a new chapter in skincare sciences by enhancing your skincare to perform better and will improve the appearance of your complexion.  

In doing so makes all the difference in what you will experience from your skincare regime. 

What can you expect from Dermagen? No Empty Promises


ü     From the first few days onward - notice a lasting prominent moisture

ü     Starting in the first few days see an improvement in your overall look

ü     In only 1 week wrinkles begin noticeably reducing

ü     In only 1 week skin brightness is noticeably improving

ü     After just days the feel of skin softness and smoothness is vastly superior

ü     After 2-3 weeks wrinkles and firmness appear greatly improving and continue

ü     Your entire complexion and overall look will appear more vitalized

ü     Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation for your long term complexion needs 


The skin is a complex biological structure that is composed of about two-thirds water


Bio-Energized Formulations Enhance Your Skincare Benefit

Vital Cell Induction is a natural based energy dynamic that provides an enhancement for skincare in helping to invigorate your skin.


With the continued use of our Dermagen CS skincare line you will come to notice an improved look in the appearance of your complexion and this is a healthy transformation.


Dermagen CS is like no other skincare product you have ever used before


Bountiful Hydration That Runs Deep

World Class for Reduction in the Appearance of Lining 

Regeneration of Tired Skin into a Fresh Looking Complexion!

Improved Appearance in Firming and Sag Reduction with Continue Use

All Natural Based Formula

Exclusive Biophysics Input For Enhanced Performance

Will Provide and  Preserve a Youthful Looking Complexion 

Simply use as your overnight moisturizer and a light application during the day

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