The Story Behind the Genesis of Dermagen

Super Models on Glossy Magazine Covers...     They all tell you they have the answer for your face. You ride a roller coaster of hope on the way up then you trend on down as the disappointment sets in--- you don't see much difference in the mirror after all. So you go on to the next one because you want help--- you want the best look that you can get, period!

Wouldn't it be nice to find skincare that … really did excel?  

Look no further! Here's why...

Hello, my name is Linda Meador and I want to share a wonderful event that developed in my life after decades of searching and suffering. Over the years I tried just about everything at the department store, and it even piled up in boxes in my bathroom. My sensitive rosacea prone and chronic dry skin was an elusive phantom forever compounding my problem of trying to keep myaboutlinda2.jpg (12539 bytes) complexion looking good. Those of you that have been through this can understand a familiar story... that is, nothing really worked for me. It was a lucky day if I could keep my temperamental complexion at bay.

Then to my complete surprise a transforming event finally changed all that! After years of witnessing my need for help, my husband Ronald began working on a new approach in skincare that incorporated cutting edge research in cell biology and biophysics that he had been working with in plant studies. Eventually I was presented with a crème to try. Wow! Are you kidding? What a difference! No more difficult, irritated dry skin! So much moisture that I could dispense with the afternoon makeup touch up. Super firming, super line reduction, smoothness like a kid glove! How could this be? I didn't care----just keep it coming!


It turns out that treatment of the crème with our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process ™ supercharges the formula in a unique manner that unlocks the latent potential of our natural based nutraceutical package to revitalize your skin like no other crème can do. Within days our test subjects immediately notice important differences that separate this amazing skincare product line from anything they have ever used before and this only gets better as time goes by. For the first time, the therapy complex now reaches thousands of cellular layers deep and rejuvenates the tissue. It is truly an astounding and remarkable leap forward in skincare technology. Once you start using our Dermagen CS™ as the basis of your skincare regime you are going to see positive results in the mirror, because it has the power to normalize and balance, while transforming your complexion to a supple smooth youthful glow that is far beyond anything else you can buy. These days I receive many nice compliments about my skin when I am in a checkout line, or shopping at the mall, etc., and it is a very gratifying feeling for me. Our test subjects have shown much the same thing and more. The degree of transformation on some of our most needy clients has been truly astounding. It seems that the more problematic the complexion, the more powerful is the apparent degree of skin restoration accomplished with our groundbreaking technology.  It has an unquestionably anti-aging effect on the overall appearance in which the skin is markedly rejuvenated.

If you haven't already, you will probably want to take a good close look at the before and after pictures of a test subject using Dermagen CS™ by viewing the larger images. We picked a case that contains several common issues for which consumers presently have no real remedies. Even highly challenging problems for the cosmetic surgeon such as a 'turkey neck' condition can be helped with this innovation. The photos clearly show the fantastic progress. Have you ever seen a skincare product do anything like that?

I haven't ever seen anything even begin to come close, and I am a longtime veteran searcher for a better complexion! If your skin is Sun damaged or you worry about cumulative damage from forced exposure, I've got good news for you. This product line will repair the damage from exposure to the elements in a robust manner that makes other products pale. We have been overwhelmed with the remarkable effectiveness this product now brings to the skincare consumer and we have decided to buck the trend of highly expensive ‘cosmeceuticals’ out there that do nothing. Together, Ron and I have formatted a business model – let’s provide the public with the best there is for the complexion at an affordable price, and that will bring the benefits of Dermagen CS™ into the lives of everyone we can contact. Our feedback from ladies who have experienced the wonderful effects of Vital Cell Induction has established beyond a doubt that our skincare product is considered priceless to those who want a better complexion and this wonderful innovation becomes an essential tool for maintaining your best look!                

Linda Meador, Skincare Innovator and Co-Founder

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