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Cell Vitalizing Preparation

Exclusive Skincare with Vital Cell Induction

The Dermagen CS skincare product line is sold exclusively by Radiant Skin Sciences and is the most advanced topically applied skin rejuvenation protocol available in the world today. 

Our Flagship Product  -  The Innovative Biophysical Input Sets The New Standard For Skincare

Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation  

Maintain youthful looking skin...

Providing you with a highly advanced skincare regime that gives you results you can see in the mirror! Starting immediately all signs of any dry areas come under complete control, even those that have been a long term problem will be resolved. This remarkably effective state of the art skincare product is custom made with care and precision in our quality standards so that the consumer is getting a superior performing product. It has our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process setting this product apart from everything in the marketplace. Your continued use of our high performance skincare offering leads to a beautiful looking complexion that you will be able to maintain and this will further improve with a long list of benefits that include line reduction and wrinkle amelioration and a youthful looking skin tone. As your overall complexion appearance improves markedly your family and friends will begin to ask what you are using. 

This product is made from the finest natural ingredients such as coconut, grapeseed, borage oils and with our innovative biophysical input you get a powerful yet natural based protection from the ongoing breakdown of your existing collagen and elastin. This very gentle formulation basis will delight even the most demanding and delicate skin. Furthermore, our unique and proprietary biophysics input speeds up the benefits for your complexion, and now for the first time ever in a topical, you will get a profound skin firming action that is unmistakable as shown in our demonstrations. Starting with an immediate and permanent control of any stubborn dry skin areas, you will then be delighted with the emerging smoothness of lines and wrinkles, and also an amazing overall softness much like baby skin. The profound boost in skin suppleness noticeably emerges within the first week and will definitely impress your most critical self-inspection. You will come to be absolutely delighted with an overall youthful looking skin that abounds in your complexion! Use our Cell Vitalizing Preparation as your most effective overnight treatment and this can be also applied sparingly as an undercover base during the daytime... giving you around-the-clock rejuvenation benefits. Remarkably, this is a powerful tool for skin that is in need of a thorough rejuvenation OR simply for maintaining your best look for as long as possible. 


Why should you use Cell Vitalizing Preparation to prevent Sun damage?

Advanced Biophysics Technology For The Health Of Your Skin Cells

What happens after your day at the outdoor attraction or the golf course or maybe on the water?

Did you apply Sunblock?  Yes, but did you reapply it at least every 2 hours?

At the end of the day did you still find yourself a bit inflamed and uncomfortable?

Now with Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation you will have a reliable happy ending for your day out.  

http://www.dermagena.com/rosacea%20before.jpg          http://www.dermagena.com/rosacea%20after.jpg

      Exclusive skincare capabilities from Radiant Skin Sciences

Dermagen is powerful and provides post exposure repair in a natural based skincare

Remarkably some consumers still do not protect themselves and become sunburned - Here is a failsafe repair tool for them!

  • A powerful yet gentle skin cream that calms the redness

  • Fast soothing action within 10 minutes with no chemical anesthetic!

  • Enjoy your evening and then sleep like a baby when the day is over…

  • Next day have a calm complexion appearance – with NO SKIN PEELING!

  • As a bonus all dry patchy areas will become fully hydrated for your best look

This groundbreaking skincare product now offers the consumer a quick and effective course of action for eliminating the dreaded experience from extreme sunburn and replacing that with a calm looking and well hydrated skin. 

The capability to remedy the accidental sunburn after the fact is priceless for those that are careless with maintaining their sunblock applications over the course of the day.

So this is great news for anyone that unfortunately became sunburned - you get a quick skin cell repair!

In addition to providing a powerful skin healing from excessive exposure to solar radiation, our Cell Vitalizing Preparation can also be very effectively be used to help minimize skin cell damage as your day outdoors progresses.  And it will work reliably, day after day to push back on cumulative skin aging. You can apply this product in the morning or 30-45 minutes before you go out and by allowing it to absorb into your skin you will be helping to reduce the resulting skin cell damage.  Then you follow up apply your sunblock or a foundation cover with SPF as you normally would during the time outdoors.

Later in the day once you are no longer exposed to the Sun and are no longer perspiring, you can apply it again to get the earliest beneficial action underway to heal and reverse any complexion reactions to the solar exposure.

Of course once you have showered / bathed at the end of your day outdoors apply this breakthrough product to work overnight on the skin cell repairs.

How To Use Dermagen To Avoid Long Term Solar Damage And To Preserve Youthful Looking Skin

Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation serves to provide a superior performance across a variety of skincare categories to keep your complexion in great shape by constantly correcting the damage incurred from environmental stresses while also helping to keep bountiful rate of collagen production underway.  Not only does this product deliver superior anti-aging capabilities that have not been seen before in skincare, it will also serve as a powerful tool for those that love the outdoors as it contains a proprietary biophysics technology that elevates the effectiveness in the product to a level that far exceeds what other brands can do.  Originally the research investigation examined the skin anti-aging capability as can be seen in the remarkable demonstration of the innovation on this website. There are primarily two types of skincare consumers, those that strongly avoid solar exposure and those that seek to achieve a balance in their lifestyle, between doing what they can to maintain their complexion while also engaging in enjoyable activities that include the outdoors.

Do you carefully avoid the Sun? Using Dermagen directly supports your goals

Many consumers tend to fall in this category and try to minimize direct exposure and also use SPF containing products as an aid for this. However, the fact is UVA and UVB rays still find you in the shade and in your car and some of this will always pass by the SPF cover you may have applied. By using Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation as your go-to base application at the beginning of your day, you will have greatly assisted in working towards achieving your zero tolerance goals. This is because of the breakthrough in skin cell repair that you will then have in place as you go through your day. Apply the daytime application lightly and this makes for not only a fabulous skin cell repair action, but you also get the all-day-long fresh vitalized look to your complexion as described in the product innovation features section on our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process (for details on this see the "Demonstration of the Biophysical Innovation" link above).  Amazingly, even if you have already sustained some degree of solar damage to your skin upon coming to this product, you will find that this biophysical protocol will significantly turn it back to newer looking skin (young vitalized cells at the surface) and give you another chance to take care of it. After cleansing in the evening, you will again apply Cell Vitalizing Preparation as your overnight moisturizer and of course it will be doing so much more for you than that. So using this product to its full potential is fairly easy and you will notice a steadily improving look and feeling of a rejuvenation of your skin, from which you will never retreat.

Would you love having the freedom to spend more time outdoors?

Okay, so you want to look great forever right? BUT you also want to enjoy yourself with those various outdoor activities that you love to do. Maybe take the kids out to the water park, or you would like to go out and play some rounds of golf or perhaps do some jogging to stay in shape. Conflict? Well yes, this has always amounted to a definite conflict because of a gradual complexion breakdown, primarily of your skin collagen, from the damaging effects of solar exposure.  In fact, your degree of cumulative Sun exposure has long been considered the primary factor for affecting the amount of resulting extrinsic skin aging you will experience.


The newfound powerful capability for skin healing has been achieved as a result of the innovative biophysical technology in our products and is a needed performance function for meeting some of the varied skincare challenges that come with our modern lifestyles.  From this performance breakthrough, the consumer now has the opportunity to enjoy their time outdoors and all the while they will be providing a robust perpetual rejuvenation of their skin and avoiding cumulative Sun damage to the complexion. Is this a free pass to go ahead and abuse your common sense measures for your self protection from photo exposure? Of course not. But by using Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation as your around-the-clock skincare application you will be far, far ahead of any other skincare protocol and you will preserve your best look going forward.

If you are prone to find yourself outdoors on a routine basis, it is best to be sure to apply this product every evening as an overnight treatment to protect yourself from photo aging. By continuing to use Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation on a daily basis morning and evenings you will then enjoy a similar degree of profound skin protection and rejuvenation as you see in the demonstration. 

In summary: Here is a product with a profound skin rejuvenation and healing action! 

Now with the advent of the advanced technology that Radiant Skin Sciences brings to your skincare choices you will literally supercharge the vitality of your skin and keep it looking great. As demonstrated, it will rejuvenate old tired looking skin and will be helping you to look younger. It will freshen the younger complexions even those in your 20's, so that others will ask what are you using.  Add to that the ability to continuously make vigorous ongoing repairs on skin that is exposed to the outdoors, and still keep you looking great. 

If you are looking for skincare that can actually be a long term tool for you to slow down the appearance of complexion aging... this is it!

Continue using Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation and enjoy great skin rejuvenation…

                  EYE BEFORE DERMAGEN


There is a better way to enjoy your lifestyle... 

      Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation

  Proprietary Biophysics Technology Providing A World Class Skin Rejuvenation

  • Advanced Wrinkle Amelioration 

  • Superior Skin Smoothness and Softness

  • Vigorous Photo-Damage Repair

  • Confers An Ultra Homogenous Skin Tone

  • Powerful Endogenous Matrix Factor Production

  • Rapid Onset Control Of Any Dry Skin Areas

  • Confers a Unique and Powerful Skin Firming


Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation        2oz Jar                 $39.95   



  Dermagen Custom Made Grapeseed and Borage - Ultra Gentle

Our custom made premium skincare mixture consisting of only grapeseed and borage as the oil basis is what many consumers in the know have been looking for and not able to find. For those individuals whose skin is highly sensitive to some of the various new wave “anti-aging” ingredients that are now found in the latest skincare offerings, we have the answer for you by going back to the very essentials set by Nature to be fundamental for the maintenance of healthy youthful looking skin. Contains our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process. Grapeseed oil (contains desired linolenic acid) and Borage oil (also very rich in highly desired gamma linolenic acid) make for an effective luxurious crème that is not greasy yet feels substantial.  Keep refrigerated when not in use. 

Grape & Borage Custom Ultra is the go-to gentle answer for highly sensitive skin.

Dermagen - Grapeseed and Borage Oil Custom Ultra Gentle        2oz Jar                 $39.95    



Dermagen - Vital Nourish For Eyes

Vital Nourish For Eyes is especially designed to improve for those difficult cases of a weakened and fragile skin structure around the eye area. In a natural based formula it combines the gentle benefits of grapeseed and primrose oils mixed with a strategically selected group of nutraceuticals that work together to feed and regenerate the delicate undereye area. Attaining the enjoyment of a youthful looking eye area is all about the condition of your underlying skin matrix and our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process that drives the dynamic towards a positive net production of collagen and elastin for maintaining tissue integrity, and also of glycosoaminoglycans and proteoglycans that are special biological polymers whose key role is to hold moisture in the skin.

Protection from glycation issues is particularly important around the eye and this formulation contains a generous portion of carnosine for defense. Vital Nourish for Eyes is a novel product is entirely gentle with your eye area yet has the amazing capability to freshen, brighten, firm, and smooth the skin... all of this done without any irritation! The cell rejuvenation features are outstanding and the biophysical enhancement works in tandem with a powerful chamomile extract that acts as a penetration enhancement that helps to boost the delivery of the carnosine and the nutrient oils. This combination results in a breakthrough which empowers the crème to remarkably Super Vitalize your under-eye skin tissue. This advanced product helps to nourish, soothe, moisturize, and firm the delicate eye area of all skins above and beyond anything you have ever tried before. Those difficult cases of darkened, wrinkled, or irritation under the eye areas will all respond to this cme. Vital Nourish For Eyes is in a .5 oz Jar.

Using a dab of our Vital Nourish For Eyes every night before bedtime will perpetually rejuvenate your look     



Dermagen Vital Nourish For Eyes     $29.95   



Dermagen  - Bio Gentle Vitalizing Cleanser

Enhanced by our exclusive process to benefit your complexion, here is a cleanser that thoroughly cleans, yet leaves your skin pampered and free of irritation! Bio Gentle Cleanser uses a unique blend of mild cleansers and nurturing vitamins including Green Tea, Grapeseed, Vitamin A palmitate and Vitamin E. It cleans pores gently, but effectively, and naturally removes excessive skin oil. This natural based fragrance free formula is water soluble and is useful in conjunction with the Dermagen-cs regime to help bring out the very best results. Bio Gentle Vitalizing Cleanser is in a 6 oz bottle.

With our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process the Bio Gentle Cleanser helps to provide a mild and natural exfoliation and is an ideal choice to use with the Cell Vitalizing Preparation. 



Dermagen Bio Gentle Cleanser  $18.95    


Dermagen - Elixir Vitae Body Butter

Who ever thought that you can have baby bottom smoothness everywhere on your body?

Now with our exclusive Vital Cell Technology to enhance the natural based formula, you have the option of enjoying the potential benefits of skin renewal yet will never be subject to any subsequent irritation and sensitizing of your skin! This is a highly potent and luxurious product that is designed to complete your youthful look. Contains an especially rich basis of Shea, Cocoa, and Mango Butters, with Green Tea extract and Primrose Oil and any areas of hard skin will respond promptly to this enhanced formulation. Any unsightly pigmentation you may have will give way to the overall look of a fresh and pampered skin all over your body. Amazingly, even long-term Sun damaged skin will respond to this advanced body care product providing a way to renew the appearance of these areas. Elixir Vitae Body Butter is in a 4 oz jar. The moisture retention and skin cell regeneration you will experience with continued usage of Elixir Vitae Body Butter is outstanding as it restores and helps to maintain a youthful look over the rest of your body!

                Elixir Vitae will help to make your body feel very soft - even the elbows and ankles!   

Dermagen Elixir Vitae Body Butter   $39.95   




  Dermagenesis Advanced Serum - Living Cell Essence


Radiant Skin Sciences presents the breakthrough that you knew would someday come to your skincare with the benefits of living DNA from new mung sprouts blended with organic grapeseed and borage oils. Add the skincare wonders of carnosine, resveratrol and oat beta glucan and our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process and you are on your way to a whole new level of appreciation for your wise decision in purchasing the Living Cell Essence!


 Imagine the quality of the vital forces involved when Nature provides the sparks taking place in a seed to begin the journey of growth


    Living Cell Essence    $49.95


                       Custom Vibration Crèmes 

                       Custom Vibration Crèmes

               Custom Vibration Crèmes




.Libido  Restore / Maintain

         Attention... For Ladies... Attention!

,Libido cream is an important breakthrough tool for women needing a general overall renewal and improved levels in their Daily Sense of Well Being!


Our Proprietary Biophysics Technology is going to change your daily outlook for the better by restoring your overall sense of balance. Not only will you feel and act more like your "former self" and love that transformation. You will also begin to enjoy an improvement in the quality of your sex life with a more vigorous level of desire, as it further enhances your sensitivity to the sexual energy around you.

Yes, it accomplishes that feat most remarkably and you will notice those improvements within days. 

In the truest sense of what underlies your libido are the other considerations, not the least of which are emotional stability and your basic organic bodily health. If these factors are amiss, there is a considerable drain on achieving a higher level of libido. 

Today is the day that you will take hold of your daily outlook on life. With the help of the balancing effects that you will get from your daily use of Libido cream, you will soon begin to appreciate the importance of observing the more basic practices for maintaining your life the way you want it to be.

The practice of wanting to properly look after yourself comes naturally when you are feeling essentially more balanced.  Basic things like aspiring to be eating well and getting sufficient sleep will fall into place when you are not distracted with mental and physical clutter. 

Once you have experienced the benefits of Libido, you will quickly come to agree that the ultimate personal value of this product is amazing and was heaven sent to you!

The pathway for achieving this is simple. By daily usage of our innovative Libido cream you will go to a good place in your life, and get into the groove, and stay there. 

Apply daily or as needed  to wrist or chest area and allow to absorb in.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Turnera Diffusa, Aloe Vera, Xanthan Gum, Lavender scent, Madagascar Vanilla, Proprietary Biophysics Libido Enhancement and Stabilization.  Net Wt. 1.5oz


  Dermagen    Libido    $39.95  



Serenity is a long needed breakthrough tool that will help those of us that have far too many sources of stress to deal with on a daily basis. Simply apply to your complexion as your moisture undercover or spread out a dab on your wrist and ride through the storm at the office or looking after the family while remaining calm and composed. Your level of daily alpha wave activity reaches a more healthy plateau with our exclusive biophysics enhancement of the green tea extract and proprietary EO mixture in the crème providing a clear headed and quite pleasant state of mind.   Net Wt. 1.5 oz


Dermagen    Serenity    $39.95 




In the highly competitive atmosphere of today’s never ending demands on your capability to quickly and accurately process information and to be able maintain a proficient level of analysis and recall over an extended period of time, it is no wonder that many succumb to mental and emotional fatigue. What if you had a secret ally with you every day that bolsters your performance? This is not an idle question. With our advanced skincare capabilities you can now get ready in the morning and have an elevated level of focus throughout you day and into the evening. Our breakthrough FOCUS is a natural based skincare formula that is selectively enhanced to keep you in tip-top form. Use it during the day and apply our Cell Vitalizing Preparation for your overnight. Your complexion will look beautiful AND you will be more on the ball… the ultimate package!


Dermagen    Focus    $39.95  

   Custom Vibration Fragrance  



Amorous is a breakthrough product for raising your apparent level of sexual attraction FROM others that are near you.

Going beyond the concept of a pheromone, this cutting edge product is a state of the art hybrid blend of technologies. This includes dynamically altering your thought patterns via tapping your archival odor sensory/emotional impressions, and by sharing the space with others in your vicinity a mutual emotional feeling then quickly develops. 

Working off the attractive notes of a pleasant floral scent the effect is then further accentuated and bolstered with a novel biophysical additive to the vibrations of the odor, that immediately adds a mysterious and remarkably pleasant excitement in the air. This becomes a source of unexplainable fascination for those that are in your company. 

You will notice an on-the-spot change in behavior by your current sexual partner and with others as well. Your spouse will suddenly and inexplicably find you to be especially amazing and this works as a great spark in revving up your love life. 

Amorous can be effectively used by both male and females and is typically applied to the wrist and neck area. It may be best to thoughtfully choose the right setting for when you want to have this kind of power in play, as Amorous is a powerful and reliable tool for getting them in the mood to take it to the next step. If you are actively dating and have already identified some desirable future targets for potential relationships, this amazing product can be the express passport you need for getting there.

Keeping in mind, that it is best to be used around those from which you desire attraction and a positive emotional response. The presence of Amorous in the air stimulates in others the notion of a fascinating sexual attraction which is tagged directly to you. 

Carry your Amorous with you anywhere and apply it anytime. Amorous is provided in an attractive glass spray tube and will quickly become indispensable.


Ingredients: Spirits carrier, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Floral Scent EO mixture, Proprietary Biophysical Input. Contains: 10 ml 

               Amorous Dynamic Perfume $49.95 ea.



All the skincare brands in the world today...

Draw from a common pool of ingredients

( And some of those are widely advertised as breakthroughs for you ) 

The problem with that is: A test tube result does not necessarily mean you will see a meaningful benefit when that "new miracle ingredient" is applied topically in a skincare product.

So, what is needed to beautify is a way to overcome these limitations

Our Exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process opens a new chapter in skincare sciences by unleashing the inter-cell potential of those ingredients and goes deeply into your complexion. 

In doing so makes all the difference in what you will experience from your skincare regime to improve your appearance.

What can you expect from Dermagen? No Empty Promises


ü From the first few days onward - notice a lasting prominent moisture

ü Starting in the first few days see an improvement in your overall look

ü In only 1 week wrinkles begin noticeably reducing

ü In only 1 week skin brightness is noticeably improving

ü 1st week & onward the skin softness and smoothness is vastly superior

ü 2-3 weeks wrinkles and firmness greatly  improving & will continue

ü The Biophysics input rejuvenates your matrix deeply and thoroughly

ü The Biophysics technology provides a unique long-term preservation  

With the usage of a natural based formula as the chemical vehicle for Vital Cell Induction, the goal is to present the consumer with the best technology available at all possible levels for skincare products. The world class Dermagen CS product line is collectively designed to promote and support a healthy rejuvenation of your skin. 

  • Increase Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid Endogenous Production

  • Reduce Collagen and Elastin Breakdown

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Moisture Enhancement - Stratum Corneum (Skin) Barrier Function

  • Skin Cell Remodeling and Regeneration

  • Cutaneous Photoprotection Support

Details of the nutraceutical profile compatibilities are described at  Ingredient Formulation Details


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Additional advanced products will be added including a complete Vital Active Foundation™ series enhanced with our proprietary technology and offering a combination of solar protection and active skin rejuvenation that will provide the consumer with a complete anti-aging regime.


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