In-House Complexion Treatment Protocols

Dermagen Compatibility and Enhancement

Introductory Level at the MedSpa - the more noninvasive procedures

Ancient Spa

Social bathing was an important cultural process practiced by Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Minoans, Greeks, and Romans whenever they sought health and relief from their pain and diseases.

Today’s spa is a center for healing and nourishing mind, body, and spirit. People go to spas for fitness, stress management, peace of mind, pampering and pleasure, and health and wellness. Spas offer a wide variety of techniques and services. Although spas seem to have sprung up overnight, that’s not the case. “The Waters” can be traced back to early civilizations. Like water, spa popularity has come in waves throughout history and the popularity of spas has accompanied cultures with leisure time. Today’s spa is an interesting combination of ancient traditions and modern mechanical wonders. However, the heart of the modern spa, just as the ancient spa, is water and the rituals that evolve around it.

There have been many recent additions to spa water therapies in recent times. The Jacuzzi whirlpool, a central fixture in many modern spas, was invented in the 1950s, followed by Hydrotherapy Tubs, Swiss Showers, Scotch Hoses, and Vichy Showers. In addition to these mechanical inventions, new therapeutic ways to use still water have been discovered: Floatation Therapy, Watsu, Wassertanzen, Water Dance, Liquid Sound, and Dreams and Rituals in Healing Waters have been developed. The spa today embraces and celebrates its origins in water and is constantly looking for new ways to express it. 

LED TreatmentThe evolution of proactive skin treatments in recent years has come to include the beneficial utilization of various forms of applied energy for the purpose of improving the complexion. Applied energy contained in the daily application for moisturizing maintenance would represent a long-term opportunity to favorably modify skin tissue but requires an energy format that has the appropriate properties profile so as to be in coherence with today's natural based preferences yet must be of sufficient dynamism so as to be of practical use for a meaningful rejuvenation of the skin. 

The relatively recent advent of quantum field investigations in applied biophysics has led to important discoveries about the fundamental nature of vitality in living systems. Our proprietary Vital Cell Induction Process is the result of over a decade of research into developing a natural based skin delivery system that is unique, powerful, and intrinsically healthy for the skin. The historical desire for invigoration is at least many centuries old as those desiring health and healing would make their journey to the local sacred waters or bathhouse. Now with this modern day adaptation of the current biophysical understanding of the properties of water as related to energy fields, we are finally able to provide a skincare regime that is based on inducing an elevated vitality for the skin. Water is after all a major constituent of the chemical emulsion systems that comprise modern day skincare products and our breakthrough technology envelopes that water with an empirically developed natural based field that not only inherently stimulates the skin to a more youthful state, but also achieves an exponential synergism for the effectiveness of key nutraceutical ingredients that are added to the formula so as to elevate our products to a new level of skincare benefit. 

Of concurrent benefit for the Spa Skin Treatment Practitioner is the remarkable enhancement seen when using Vital Cell Induction in skincare as an ongoing treatment to help maintain the clients complexion. This is a breakthrough new tool that cannot beElectro Stimulate overstated in terms of utility and overall harmony when used with the various modern proactive skin treatment modalities currently practiced in better spas such as electro and light stimulation, skin peels and the like. These well known treatments are able to project benign energy that is able to penetrate the skin such as electro micro currents or certain light spectra. The advent of Vital Cell Induction now applies this approach to a different energy strata that is extremely low density and is actually found all around us in nature at differing levels such as the highly vitalized foods of fresh fruit and vegetables as opposed to processed foods considered devoid of life. The mechanism for this is actually a fundamental phenomena. You will recall that the skin is approximately 70% water. The natural based fields found in our Dermagen CS products act to elevate the vitality of the cell. When the client applies this skincare maintenance regime to the complexion on a routine basis, there is a subtle but significant induction into the skin that is transferred via water molecule to water molecule. It easily penetrates deep into the skin. Suspended in the highest quality natural based formulation, our energized skincare modality now provides the missing link for consumers seeking their rejuvenation from the beneficial "waters" for their skin, and where better for them to find this amazing skincare therapy than in their local Spa.

Currently under development by Radiant Skin Sciences is the adaptation of Vital Cell Induction to the bathing experience. From the earliest known history relating to the impetus for making the journey to the sacred water source has been the attraction to the perception of an enhanced vitality within the body by bathing in the revered water source. Now with an understanding of the biophysical principles, it becomes possible to establish bodies of water such as pools and hot tubs that are effectively at an elevated biometric vitality resonance and this conveys an enhanced spa experience to the benefit of those bathers. 

Medical / Physician Level Procedures - dedicated office / clinic medical procedures

The quest for endless youth is one of the many societal phenomena that have arisen in our culture as the Baby Boomer generation has made its mark on the world. Starting decades ago as something only a Hollywood star or a wealthy socialite might undergo to stay at the top, the concept of renewing our appearance with a surgical procedure to erase the overt consequences of the natural aging process has now decidedly found its way into the mainstream of our daily existence. A cursory look at the recent history of surgical procedures undergone as chronicled by the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows an explosion of growth in the number of people that now embrace the proactive pursuit of a more youthful appearance. In 1997 the national total for cosmetic procedures was 2,099,173 and moving forward to the end of the year 2008 we see the total at 10,258,557.  

With the rapid growth in demand has been the concurrent technological evolution of complimentary methodologies for achievement of the appearance of a more youthful complexion. Much of this growth is from the less invasive procedures such as the considerable advances in laser technology and injectables such as Botox® and Hyaluronic acid. According to recent industry sources, there is in fact, a further and vastly larger future market developing for skin rejuvenation. 

More than 55 million cosmetic surgery procedures will be performed in 2015, predicts a recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This more than quadruples the number of procedures performed in 2005, the study noted. Pushing this growth is increasing consumer awareness, direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising, as well as technological advances in non-surgical options. 

The next decade of growth in cosmetic surgery will continue to be driven by the growth of non-surgical procedures. Between 1992 and 2005, the compound annual growth rate was 7.5 percent for surgical procedures and 27.9 for non-surgical procedures. In 2005, 34 percent of procedures performed by ASPS Member Surgeons were surgical procedures and 66 percent were non-surgical. In 2005, for non-ASPS members 9.5 percent of their procedures were surgical, while 90.5 percent non-surgical. For ASPS members, 12 percent of the procedures they perform will be surgical and 88 percent will be non-surgical in 2015. For non ASPS physicians surgical procedures will make up only 3 percent of their total procedures, while 97 percent will be non-surgical in 2015, the study forecasts.

The meteoric growth in the less invasive techniques is a consequence of both seeking to lower overall cost, as well as also bringing those into the fold that are reticent to undergoing the knife. Even so, it is considered to be a well recognized fact amongst many of the experienced professionals in the field, that there is a missing factor in the overall impression gained from the composite results of a skin rejuvenation derived from procedures alone. As described by an expert in a recent book on Cosmetic Surgery, even with a surgical face lift or a less invasive procedure such as by laser treatments, something is missing in the result. The patient's loose skin may be pulled up but often they appear merely as neat, tight-skinned mature people. The skin does not simply have to be smooth: it should be fresh, glowing and show few or no signs of accumulated photodamage. For the discerning eye, the skin must also "radiate from within" as is the natural condition of youth, exuding a host of challenging to describe characteristics such as an abundant suppleness and at least the implication of some thickness and those characteristic skin tones that are prevalent in youthful skin. While the overall conveyance of a youthful complexion is sometimes quite elusive to put a finger on, it can be said that simply stretching and peeling the skin to reveal new tissue does not replicate the natural look of youth.

These areas of apparent deficiencies in the current post treatment outcome offer market opportunities for a topical protocol that can excel to provide features not currently seen in the vast majority of available skincare products, whether "professional market" or products put forth by billion dollar conglomerates. The achievement of an emotional satisfaction in the patient is a very high priority for the practitioner that is providing any form of active protocol aimed to modify the appearance. Any supplementary product or practice that will enhance, improve or otherwise move the dynamic towards a happy patient result is to be examined and embraced in order to achieve a more successful clientele relationship and a positive word of mouth for the practitioner.

To name a few of the needs in this area, consider that many mature individuals have at least some areas of dry skin while many exhibit extensive areas of dryness that abound throughout the complexion. Most all procedures leave the complexion somewhat damaged and in a healing mode, or least highly irritated and trying to heal. Of course, in the case of an actual surgery this means that there will be a long-term healing process for the incisions and, over which in that time, many things might happen to produce a less than optimum scarring result if the health of the skin is not maintained. 

As a skincare professional you know some of the following truths of the skin care industry: Despite the growing list of "skin active ingredients" now coming into the worldwide marketplace, most all brands today share access to a common pool that is available to all manufacturers for their formulations. The true limiting factor for "effectiveness" is Nature's efficiency in providing us with a skin barrier that is largely impervious to chemical penetration. While many ingredients are very impressive in test tube studies they routinely fail to provide the same results in a topically applied product setting, but they are nonetheless highly touted with multi-million dollar advertising budgets. Today, this is an industry in search of a working technology for topically applied products to be able to provide a profound rejuvenation of the skin. What is needed to transcend these limitations and unleash the potential to rejuvenate as has been seen in the in-vitro skin cell studies, is the development of a new category of skin delivery system that can deliver the biochemical impact of a given active into the cell. This has long been known in the industry and meager attempts at overcoming this limitation with chemical systems over the years have been investigated, such as with liposomes and chemical penetration enhancers. Unfortunately, these fall far short of what is needed to succeed in providing a significant rejuvenation of the skin.

The technology brought forth by Radiant Skin Sciences represents an entirely new approach in a skin delivery system, and is truly an innovation worthy of the 21st Century for skin care. Our innovation is called the "Vital Cell Induction Process". As an extremely low density energy field, our biophysical input provides an excellent permeation of the cell. This applied natural based field is carried or stored in the skin care formula mixture and upon topical application, migrates by absorption many layers down, exceeding the penetration depth seen with laser protocols. The natural based energy protocol is a non-destructive biological field containing skin nutrient information in the quantum state. Over a period of time and with repeated topical applications, there is a field induction affecting the inner workings of the skin cell, resulting in a higher vitality for the cell and a consequential rejuvenation of the skin.

As the benefits of key skin related biochemicals are well understood in their physiological and metabolic role capacity inside the cell, and with a technological means to apply this knowledge within the context of a topical product, this now provides for a new realm of skin rejuvenation possibilities that are opened up with this energy based protocol. Core product features that are needed to facilitate a truly natural and youthful looking skin include an active skin cell metabolic activity that works to provide both the building (production) and maintenance (protection from excessive breakdown) activities for the endogenous hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and other molecules produced by the cellular processes. A strong and vibrant capacity to engender these processes is what is required for a dynamically effective professional market category skin care product to provide the client's complexion with a more readily apparent rejuvenation of the skin.

Heretofore, these necessary skin matrix building and protective features have been quite faint or outright absent from conventional chemical formulations, but are now available in our advanced biophysical skin care protocol. With our energy based delivery system (Vital Cell Induction) that parallels how the Sun delivers vitality to living organisms, the skin is being elevated to a more healthy state with the appropriate fashioning of a natural type of impetus to appear more youthful. With a sustained elevation of the native cell vitality over a long period of time, the skin tissue is more protected from natural environmental factors as well as some intrinsic factors. A more youthful appearance is sustained well past what is the normal time span, so that the actual age is masked as shown with Linda who chronologically and with no procedures other than Vital Cell Induction is actually at the far right of the time span range shown.

Referring back to some of the needed performance features in a skin care product for your professional protocol clients, our Vital Cell Induction Process provides a profound capability to quickly overcome dry skin areas that the patient has had to endure. This of course is a fundamental issue and along with the gained degree of skin suppleness is at the root of much that is needed to gain the impression of youth. This important benefit is true even with those spots or even extensive areas of the complexion that have exhibited chronic dryness for many years. Upon usage of our uniquely energized products the complexion will no longer exhibit any problem dry areas. Your client will notice this benefit fairly quickly usually within days and this soon evolves into a remarkably uncanny level of turgidity, suppleness and softness to the skin that will impress them. The rapid improvement in the ongoing hydration levels becomes long-term with a concurrent elevation of the endogenous levels of all core skin matrix constituents: Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and all the natural cell factors associated with this. With the elevated level of skin cell mitochondrial functioning seen with our innovative biophysical input, the level of cell vitality is improved. At the same time a visible change is seen with an increasing brightness and evenness of the skin tone that is so important for a conveyance of youth. Within this ongoing process were the perceived skin freshness, moistness, and softness becomes more readily apparent to the client, are the matrix building activities in the tissue that lead to a steady diminution of lines and wrinkles with the continued usage of the advanced products. 

And for the first time from any topically applied protocol, this will also dynamically impact the sagging tendency of the mature complexion. As a biophysical energy dynamic, our innovative Vital Cell Induction Process now provides for an excellent degree of skin firming across a large contiguous area of complexion tissue that to this day remains a very needed tool for the skincare professional. It is also important to note that while currently being widely touted as provided in many product offerings, a profoundly noticeable skin firming activity remains a widely demanded skincare feature that is not being met by conventional skincare products.   

Keeping the skin healthy while it heals from the incisions and other disruptions of an invasive procedure is a most important goal for the practitioner to achieve. Our Vital Cell Induction Process truly excels in this capacity. It will shorten the time needed and significantly improve the finished look of these areas making for a more minimal scar and often resulting a fully integrated color tone for the area. Also, with the rapid rise in laser procedures there is a growing need to quickly get the disrupted skin biology of those patients back into a state of homeostasis. As the skin absorbs the energy dynamic provided by Vital Cell Induction, the health of the skin is quickly impacted in a favorable manner providing a powerful capability to heal the skin that has been sent into irritation or worse from some of the more invasive laser protocols. In this category our Matrix Mender product is the most effective product in the marketplace to quickly help the patient recover from a procedure, reducing the recovery period to about half as long and with a much better looking result.

These are some of the readily noticeable and valuable features of the Vital Cell Induction Process in the professional skin care products manufactured by Radiant Skin Sciences. Your patient will take this in after only a few days and weeks of using the products and that will help to put you in excellent standing regarding their overall emotional reaction to your procedure and the subsequent perceived outcome experienced by your patient, helping to ensure that they continue to appreciate the results of your work. Overall, we present an innovative energy dynamic within a skincare product format, that very effectively works in unison to enhance the end result of your cosmetic procedure by readily conveying that so widely sought after impression of a "natural healthiness and youthfulness" to the complexion.

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