Once in a while if you are around long enough you witness something very special. When that something special livens up your complexion to the extent that you actually look better, well that is beyond special. I recently passed the seventy mark and I have used many different brands of cosmetics over the years including the most expensive lines. So when I learned about Dermagen I didn't know what to think. I have an acquaintance at my country club that told me about it. Actually, I noticed she was looking better and I asked her what she uses on her face. I have been using your product and experiencing sheer joy.  My overall look has improved markedly. I am truly amazed I don't know how else to put it. During the last 5 or 6 years I had developed a very saggy area of skin on my throat. I tried everything under the sun but it only continued to go downhill. (Remarkable Before and After Shown in Our Demonstration). I can't get over the difference that occurred since then. You know when you have a shriveled neck area even a plastic surgeon can't really hide the problem and it is an awful thing. So when I started to see an improvement as the weeks went by I was both shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. Now it is firm yet supple with very little lining. Nothing could make me more happy! I had an undereye darkness that required lots of time and makeup to hide. Your cream somehow livened up that area and I no longer have the dark circles (they pretty much vanished in less than a month). I am completely amazed about the crows feet. After awhile they seem to have disappeared! I had areas of blotching from past Sun exposure that refused to respond to various creams. Now they are gone. All together I am pretty impressed. Recently I saw some of my grandchildren for the first time in a while and they made a fuss about how good I was looking, including "You look ten years younger". I am deeply grateful to you.

Katherine Achinelli   
Land O' Lakes, Florida          


In the beginning, as a result of personally knowing Linda I saw how her complexion became amazing and everyone knows how great her skin looks, so I wanted to try this for myself to see what it could do for me. In my youth I did quite a bit of water skiing and I spent a lot of time outdoors. As a result of that I’ve had many years of Sun exposure that left me with a leathery and lined turtle neck look to the sides of my neck. When I started using Dermagen I was immediately impressed with moisture that seemed to hold even in this troubled area. Now my neck is getting softer all the time and the look of new skin that is now coming through in that area is a very remarkable and surprising development. I have sold cosmetics for a living for some 30 years now mostly in department and health food stores and I believe this is by far the most worthwhile cosmetic product I have ever used. This is an impressive product and I highly recommend it to anyone who does not want to look dry and wrinkled.

Nina Rodgers
Highland Hills, Florida 

I have known Linda since the early 1990’s in a close up office scenario and if there is anything that immediately comes to mind above all else it is the mystifying way that her looks have not changed in all this time. I am aware of her skincare product and the only thing that I can reasonably think of to explain my observation is that there obviously is something to the unusual technology involved with that product. I would recommend using her skincare products to anyone who is either looking to preserve their appearance and or achieve a better looking complexion.

Michael Rapport
President and CEO, PS Industry Inc.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for sending the product. I have to tell you a funny story.

After work yesterday, I took my mail including the package with your product and sat out on the porch. I recently got sunburned, and noticed that the skin on my legs was starting to flake and peel.

For the heck of it, I rubbed some of your creme on my leg in a perfect circle. I read my mail for several hours, then looked down at my thigh and could hardly believe what I saw. The circle patch where I put your creme was still smooth and supple. I picked up your literature and read every word.

Then, last night I put some on my face before bed. I was a bit leery because I have rosacea and can not use most products. Your creme felt great and absorbed nicely. Then this morning, I got into the shower and as I went to wash my face, I noticed how smooth my skin was. Then I remembered that I had used your creme the night before. Again, I was amazed that I could tell a difference in the feel of my skin so quickly. Best regards, - Nancy

Nancy Beckman
Publisher, CPA Tipline

I owned and operated a health food store for 24 years and over that course of time I have used many different brands of skin crème including some of the most expensive ones sold as anti-aging products. Yes, many of them were natural based which I decidedly prefer but until now I never have experienced any noticeable superior benefits from any of those products. I am really pleased to have learned about and experienced your Dermagen advanced skincare product. With Dermagen my complexion has steadily been improving. My moisture is great, got rid of dry areas and my skin tone is the best its been in decades! I even noticed it heals blemishes much faster so there is an actual effect that enlivens my skin to a more youthful state. It clearly appears to me that your product is outstanding and I personally wouldn’t want to be without it. 
Martha Fabian,  owner  Chamberlains
Lakeland, Fl

Linda, I first found out about your skincare secrets when I noticed a clearly positive difference in Karen Robertson's appearance who is a co-worker. She had a great deal of damage to her complexion from many years of activity out in the sun. Well, I was amazed that her whole look had become somehow more fresh, with a softening of her lines and a look of good moisture. So, I started using Dermagen and I love the way it makes my skin feel so soft and silky. The wonderful moisture my skin now emanates has truly transformed my overall look. And you wouldn't believe what it has done for my eyes and  neck. My crows feet are greatly improved. The skin was getting thin and loose. Also, as a result of putting Dermagen Cell Vitalizing Preparation on my neck it has really firmed up. The skin is now taut and supple and looks like baby skin. The cream goes on so smoothly and because of the abundant life my skin now has, my makeup always flows on evenly with no blotches or streaks. Linda, I feel fortunate to have discovered what you have. Even so, I have tried others from time to time and when I do I  see the dry skin condition coming back and I learn another lesson. There is something special about your product and as far as I am concerned it's the best! After my overnight application, I finish out my morning cleansing with a quick light re-application.. And my makeup keeps looking fresh all day long. I often surprise people when they find out my age, because Dermagen keeps my skin looking so young!

Marica Schultz
Gibsonton, Florida

Well now here is something that really works. I just can't say enough about Dermagen. It is a miracle Linda, you've got that right. My complexion is looking so much better since I started on it, that it just totally overshadows anything else I have ever used! My skin has now taken on a much better look and my crows feet lines around my eyes are going away. The deep lines on my throat are much better also. Now my makeup doesn't doesn't dry up as the day goes on by. It is a pleasure to spend my money on something that actually helps me. I guess it's going on about 4 years now since I started using your products and I'm here to tell you there are many brands to choose from here and I dabble now and then but there is nothing else in Canada that performs like your cream. You know I am a nurse and my schedule can sometimes wear me down, but I always have good moisture and look refreshed. It's truly amazing to me... when I stray to try out something else, my look starts slipping and I must come back to the best there is. I can appreciate now more than ever just how special your product line really is.

Kitty Taylor
Toronto, Canada

I have been using the product for about a full month now and I can definitely see a difference in my skin!  I feel much more comfortable with the way my face looks without any make-up on!  Thank you very much! 

Diane Ross
Centreville, VA

Dear Linda, 

Just wanted to let you know I have received my Dermagen and have been using it for the last few days with great results. Thank you so for giving me the opportunity to experience a really decent product - I am really impressed.

Kind Regards,

Barbara Virago
Sydney, Australia

Hi Linda,

Sorry I didn't get back with you last night. 

The biggest change in my life has been a big corporation buying out our company and bringing lots of corporate changes.  I've been with my current company 30 years, so it's been a change about proving yourself all over again.  It's been tough to say the least.

But, I really think your product is helping me and I want to give it more time so send me another jar. I've waited entirely too long to make a decision, but people around me plus my significant other tell me there has been quite a change.  That's good enough for me. Thanks.

Jane Clingler
Indianapolis, IN

Linda, I started using your skincare products after seeing the amazing benefits of what it did for Nina Rodgers. I love the moisture and my skin has become incredibly soft. Even though I am in my sixties now and I am getting lots of compliments and enquiries about what do I use on my skin. It’s a buoyant and joyful feeling to look younger and always refreshed. You can hardly find a line on my face. Linda, I have told lots of people about your amazing skin crème. Unlike what always turn out to be so many broken promises that I see widely advertised there is something wonderfully different about Dermagen and I am a walking example of that. Thanks again.
Betty Workman
Lakeland, Fl

I learned about your cream through my sister and had to give it a try. You want a comment, well here's one--After only two weeks and I could see good things happening! Actual improvement in my look that I don't have to search for half an hour to maybe find. My skin used to be very dry. Not anymore! My skin has never been this moist and I mean all day long. I'm seeing improvement around my eyes and so does my husband. I'm going to stick with your Dermagen product, it is clearly the best there is. I have told other people about my experience with this cream but there are now so many products out there claiming "the answer" people just need to try it. In my case,  I clearly saw the difference on my sister's face and that was enough for me. 
Dorothy Reider
Lansing, MI

Ron, I am sending you an email to repeat what I told you on the phone today. I have tried many, many products that all say they will help with my rosacea and none of them work. Am am so excited for the first time as your Dermagen is helping me. Your product works. My skin is more calm the irritation is down and now I am getting a good moisture that I have not seen in years. No more dry areas! I can not say enough to anyone reading this if you are looking for a great treatment cream than this is the one that is different and WILL help you. 
Suping Zhang 
Northridge, CA

I have been looking for some years now for a skin cream that will do something to improve the crows feet around my eyes. Especially the right side. In the past about the best I could say is that they didn’t get worse. Dermagen is truly a Godsend for me! My crows feet are softening up and diminishing as the weeks go by. You can see it happening. Also I’ve always had excess pigmentation on one of my checks and amazingly that is transforming to match my skin color. My skin seems softer and brighter and moist. Very nice! Also I would like to share that I had instructed my daughter to apply your cream to her foot where she recently had minor surgery. When she went for a follow-up doctor appointment he asked her “What have you been putting on this? I’ve never seen an incision heal this fast.”  I am very glad to have learned about Dermagen and I have told three of my friends to try it.
Susan Gerhardt
Dade City, Fl

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and I am writing you to share what I have learned with others that may read this. TRY THIS PRODUCT. You won't be sorry that is for sure. I have been searching for something to help my complexion for over 20 years now and this "Cell Vitalizing Preparation" is leaps and bounds better than anything I have every used before.  As the months go by and am looking better and better need I say anything more?
Elsie Chin
Allen, TX

My name is Karen Robertson and I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to Dermagen. Earlier in my life I guess you say I was a Sun worshipper and I spend many, many weekends just lying all day in the Sun to see how deep of a tan I could work up. Well that was many years ago in my careless youth and I have been stuck with unsightly look of an a Sun damaged complexion for several years now. I have used countless different brands of skincare creams trying to find something to restore that will help me look better, but nothing has seemed to make much of a difference. I was very surprised and pleased to discover your product. It is really amazing how that dull old looking of skin on my complexion is transferring into fresh youthful looking skin with the color and texture of new flesh. It is also now apparent that I don’t see evidence of those dry areas on my complexion that I’ve had for many years. Dermagen has really mad a big difference to revitalize my overall look and I am a devoted fan that is for sure.

Karen Robertson
Lakeland, Fl

Linda, after hearing about your cream at our company dinner I knew I wanted to give it a try when I saw your complexion! I have been using it for about five years now and I am very pleased with my moisture and a general more youthful look to my skin. When I first started using it I was able to finally see a pigmentation problem disappear after years of trying everything on the market that I could find. As you know I only use your cream and I believe in it. I also want to share with you that my husband Mike has been routinely using it for relief particularly on the exposed areas of his head when after several hours of doing yard work in the Florida Sun. Even if he puts the cream on at the end of the day, it still works to provide total relief and maintain the skin! 
Bernadette and Michael Heaps
Lakeland, Fl

I am happy to give you my comments about what I consider to be a remarkable experience with your skin cream. I spent the entire afternoon in the summertime Florida Sun at my kids softball tournament, and not being prepared, I really burned myself to where you are beet red and are in excruciating pain. It was very fortunate for me that I came into your office and you told me to apply your facial cream. As you know, I have very fair skin and this was extreme Sunburn. I was completely amazed! After about 10 minutes the pain completely subsided and I was no longer in agony. I slept just fine that night and the next day I did not have any peeling of the skin and instead held my tan. Absolutely great. Thanks! 
Hans Henning
Lakeland, Fl

Thanks for introducing me to your skin cream. I have been using it for several weeks now and I am very pleased. I like the way it is helping me with my sensitive skin problems. My colleagues at work have commented that I am looking better and asked me what I am doing. I have tried many other brands for my irritated skin problems but yours is the only one that has been helpful.

Alfred Liner
Charlotte, NC

Linda, first of all I must comment about how your appearance has not changed after so many years. And I know why. I am happy to give you my comments about what I consider to be the very best skincare product to be found anywhere. I heartily recommend Dermagen to anyone that is looking for actual help from their skincare or simply as a powerful cream for skin rejuvenation. I also want to let you know that I have found that your cream works really well for my husband Bud with his psoriasis. I know that when the public finds out about what you have they are going to love your products! 


Patsy Smith
West Palm Beach,  Fl

I became aware of your skincare product as a result of my mother using it. I am an avid outdoorsman who loves to go fishing. There have been times when I forget to apply a Sunscreen before I go out for the day on the water and then I get a severe Sunburn. Once I put your cream on hoping that it might help when I discovered that it took away the pain and I was able to sleep with no problems. It is amazing when I do this that I don’t peel the next day from the burn!

I also work outdoors and all that exposure can take a real toll on your skin. I became so impressed with your cream that I now routinely apply it to help my complexion look more youthful and it really is noticeably effective. Also sometimes my scalp use to itch like crazy disturbing me in my sleep. So I applied your cream to my scalp and I found that I get great relief for several days. I have used it many times for relief. I realize Dermagen is an antiaging product but I would say that it is actually good for all these things and is really better than anything else that I know of.

Chuck Achinelli
Tampa, Fl

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